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Godrej Summit dwarka express way

Possession linked plan gives the same benefits as possession linked subvention but has the following merits

  Bank Subvention
(Down payment/CLP)
Possession Linked Plan
Customer Eligibility Customers having other loan liabilities will find it hard to get approval N.A.
Margin Money 25% 25%
Commitment Customer is paying 100% to the developer and hence will need a very high exit price in case of a mid-term exit to optimize ROI. Commitment in the first two years will be to the tune of 70% in CLP Subvention as per the expected construction schedule of tower K Customer pays only 25% and is free from making any further commitment till possession. Since, the Investment is limited and doesn't increase over time, hence ROI keeps moves in the same proportion as the increase in property prices
Sellability Subvention products are hard to sell as the entire payment has been made to the developer in case of Down payment subvention. Even in case of CLP Subvention, customer will end up paying 70% in 2 years Highly liquid product as the new buyer has to pay only 25% even if the construction is nearly complete
Interest Cost ~700-800 Rs/sft No additional cost

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Why "Godrej Summit"?

  • We will offer 20 units in Tower K under a possession linked payment scheme where 25% of the total flat value needs to be paid in 2 months(10 lakh booking amount) and rest on offer of possession ~ 45 MONTHS
  • All units sold under this scheme will have a lock in of 2 years from the date of booking
  • BSP for the scheme will be Rs.7900 per sft with an inaugural discount of Rs. 150/sft.
  • The Scheme is applicable for limited period & for first 20 bookings only.

Scheme USP's

This is one of the most unique plan as the possession is ~45 months from today and hence one can invest 35-40 lakhs in a 3 BHK now and not pay anything for almost 4 years. Most of the other similar schemes have possession is 1-2 years.

Scheme is offered in 3 BHK's which is the fastest moving product in Gurgaon. Even the floor plate is ideal ~1700-1800 sft as it provides an optimum ticket size ~1.4-1.6 Cr. Most products on the Dwarka expressway in 3BHK are in the range of 2000sft above.

Brand Advantage - Given the company's execution excellence in the past where it has always delivered on committed timeline, customer can expected to get a high quality product which will have high sellability in the market.

Dwarka Expressway – 14kms of the 18 kms stretch is complete as some pending litigations on the left over stretch have been cleared. It's a known fact that as soon as the stretch is ready, the prices will shoot. Expressway is expected to be operational anywhere between 1-2 years, and under possession linked plan the customer can hold his interest at a marginal upfront payment and wait for the stretch to be complete and prices to rise.

Call Now for Booking:
India 18002083344 (Toll Free) | for NRIs +91 9268822226 | Hong Kong + 85294240123 | Dubai +971 555 861 245 | USA +1 800 381 9263 |
UK +442030020675 | Australia +61363877079 | South Africa +27311002318
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